Custom Pool Services

Custom Pool Services
Custom Pool Services
Custom rock grotto and built in spa in Central Fl
Custom swimming pool builder in Orlando area

Swimming Pool Packages Standard on All Atlas Pools:

  • All Required Permits
  • 3' to 6' Depth
  • 3' Concrete Shallow End Steps
  • Deep End Swim Out
  • Acrylic Decking Around Pool
  • Cantilever Edge
  • 6" x 6" Custom Tile
  • Spotter Step Tile
  • Quartz Interior Finish
  • Dual Main Drains
  • Skimmer
  • 3 - 1.5" Return Lines
  • 1.5" Valved Vacuum Lines
  • EasyTouch with Screenlogic App Control System
  • Pentair Variable Speed Pump
  • Pentair Intellichlor Salt Clorinator
  • Pentair Clean and Clear 200 sq ft Filter
  • Standars 400w 10" Pool Light
  • Indoor Matching Pool Fittings
  • Vac Lock for Cleaner
  • Pool Maintenance Kit
  • Pool School
  • Inhouse Pentair Warranty Station
  • Lifetime Warranty on Underground Plumbing
  • 3 Year Equipment Warranty
  • Lifetime Shell Warranty
  • Backed By Central Florida's Largest Pool Service & Repair Company

When You Add A Spa To Your Pool

  • Granite Spa Spillway
  • 2" Therapy Jets in Spa
  • Floor Return in Spa
  • Flush Bubbler Fittings

When You Add A Screen To Your Pool

  • 4' Screen Doors
  • 7" Super Gutters

Atlas Pools has its own internal service division. We build your pool with integrity and back every installation with service you can trust. Call us today for information on getting started!

Pool Heater for Custom Pools in Orlando FL

Heating Custom Pools in Oviedo, FL

Atlas Pools of Central Florida Offers Pool Heating Options

Atlas Pools of Central Florida should be the first name that comes to mind when you need to heat your custom pool in Oviedo, FL. When the days start to get longer and the mercury begins to rise, it is nearly impossible to delay working on your cannonball form by plunging into the first pool you see. But the water likely has not had enough time to warm up following a brisk Florida winter, so you must choose between dealing with the cold or resisting the urge to splash around your custom pool. However, that does not have to be the case.

Custom Pool with Natural Rock Grotto Water Feature in Orlando FL

Waterscapes to Accentuate Custom Pools in Oviedo, FL

Atlas Pools of Central Florida Creates Wondrous Waterscapes

The best way to enhance the ambiance of your backyard or custom pool in Oviedo, FL is to include a wondrous waterscape designed by the professional staff at Atlas Pools of Central Florida. Our family-owned company has created picturesque settings and landscapes for more than four decades, helping homeowners achieve the yards of which they have always dreamed.

Water Features & Pool Waterfalls in Orlando FL

Pool Features to Enhance Your Backyard Orlando Oasis

From a Fountain to a Waterfall, Atlas Pools Does It All

No matter the size of your backyard or swimming pool, you can add many custom water features to give it a more sparkling personality. From fountains to waterfalls, Atlas Pools of Central Florida can enhance your swimming pool area for hours of expanded enjoyment.

Pool Deck Installation in Orlando FL

Expert Pool Deck Installation & Resurfacing for Orlando, FL Homes

If you've noticed cracks or staining from pool chemicals on your pool deck, Atlas Pools of Central Florida can make it look like new again with an affordable pool deck remodel. We specialize in pool deck resurfacing and installation for Orlando-area homes and public facilities. Whether your pool deck is made of concrete, tile, stone, brick, or travertine, we have the equipment and expertise to make it more durable and more aesthetically appealing.

Luxury Spa in Orlando FL

Custom Spa Design & Installation in Orlando, FL & Beyond

Create a Relaxing Oasis with Atlas Pools of Central Florida

Is this the year you're finally going to indulge yourself and install a luxury spa in your backyard? Adding a spa offers many physical and mental health benefits. It can also help you increase your property's value should you ever decide to list your home for sale. Atlas Pools of Central Florida specializes in the design and installation of custom spas in Orlando and many surrounding areas, including Oviedo, Lake Mary, Maitland, Sanford, St. Cloud, and Winter Park.

Custom swimming pool contractor in the Orlando area

Frequently Asked Questions About Custom Swimming Pools

Answering Your Questions About Pools in Orlando, FL

There's plenty to get excited about when thinking about having a custom pool built for your Orlando area home. As the Central Florida experts for custom swimming pools, Atlas Pools also knows you likely have plenty of questions.

Custom Pool Designs in Orlando FL

Architectural Pool Designs in Orlando, FL

Design Your Modern Swimming Pool Today

There’s perhaps nothing better than relaxing in your backyard swimming pool on a hot day. Atlas Pools wants to make your pool both functional and beautiful, offering architectural pools in Orlando, FL. Our custom pool builders create architectural pool designs for home and business owners.

Family Swimming Pool in Viera FL

Family Recreational Pool Builders in Orlando, FL

Offering Residential Family Pools & More

If you’re considering adding a swimming pool to your backyard, the team at Atlas Pools is here for you. We specialize in residential family pools in the Orlando, FL area. Recreational swimming pools provide many benefits for your family, including fun and exercise.

Olympic Size Pool in Orlando FL

Custom Olympic Size Pools in Orlando, FL

Commercial & Residential Competition Pools

Whether you’re training future Olympians or have plenty of space for a pool in your backyard, Olympic size pools are the way to go. When you need the best Olympic size pool builders in Orlando, FL, turn to the team at Atlas Pools. We offer custom competition pools for your home or business.

Custom Salt Water Swimming Pool in Orlando FL

Custom Saltwater Pool in Orlando and Central Florida

Install a Custom Saltwater Pool for the Ultimate Swimming Experience

Traditional chlorine pools rely on chemicals to keep the water clean and sanitized. While it does the job, those same chemicals can be more costly, involve more maintenance, and even irritate swimmers over time. Saltwater pools from Atlas Pools of Central Florida, Inc. are different. Our custom saltwater installations give you one of the easiest, most relaxing swimming experiences you can get with little to no side effects, no matter how often you’re in the water.

Backyard Pool with Waterfall feature in Orlando Metro Area

Custom Natural Pools in Orlando and Central Florida

Create an Environment of Peace and Tranquility with a Custom Natural Pool

Natural swimming pools have been a hot design trend throughout Europe for decades and are only now catching on in the States. Perfect for sunny climates like the one we have here in Central Florida, natural pools give you clear water, a stunning eco-friendly outdoor feature, and a brilliant way to add a whole new ecology to your property. Atlas Pools of Central Florida, Inc. specializes in the custom installation of these manmade-turned-natural marvels.

Custom Built Lap Pool in Lake Mary FL

Custom Lap Pools in Orlando and Central Florida

Custom Lap Pools Provide the Exercise You Need In Minimal Space

A custom lap pool helps you stay in shape without ever leaving the comfort and convenience of your home. Perfect for professional athletes, active seniors, and those looking to stay fit, lap pools offer the ever-ready opportunity for activity without needing the construction space for a traditional pool.

Plunge Pool in Orlando Fl

Custom Plunge Pools in Orlando and Central Florida

Discover the Perfect Way to Cool Down with a Custom Plunge Pool Installation

Traditional pools can be expensive and take up a good percentage of your yard. Sometimes, you simply want a water feature that fits cozily into your existing interior or to add a special something to your outdoor space. Custom plunge pools from Atlas Pools of Central Florida, Inc. are the solution.

Infinity Swimming Pool with Hot Tub in Lake Mary FL

Custom Infinity Pools in Orlando and Central Florida

Perfect Any Outdoor Space with a Custom Infinity Pool

Flowing water excites the senses. It is beautiful to hear, intriguing to watch, and relaxing to experience. At Atlas Pools of Central Florida, Inc., we give you all of that and more with our custom infinity pool installations.

Custom indoor pool and spa in Orlando FL area

Custom Indoor Pools in Orlando and Central Florida

Transform Your Interior with a Custom Indoor Pool

An indoor pool is the ultimate interior accent. It provides endless entertainment and the space you need to relax, unwind, and enjoy true tranquility without ever leaving home. To achieve the ideal custom design you need for your indoor pool, however, you must work with premier pool contractors who understand the installation process and can tailor everything to your vision.

Custom Pool Construction and Setup in Clermont FL

At this point, your swimming pool is almost ready for you to dive in. Our start-up technician will test that everything is working properly. For example, the technician will start the circulating pump and set the timer. If your pool design has eyeball fittings in the returns and jets, he will install them. He will also brush and vacuum the pool and clean any residue off the tile. The technician will simmer and balance the water and start the slow chlorine start up. In a slow chlorine start up, we add chlorine slowly over a period of a few days. So, it will take a few more days for the water to turn completely blue.

Pool Built Around a Custom Jacuzzi in Orlando FL

The interior finish is a concrete coating on the floor and walls of the pool. Craftspeople need both strength and expertise to direct the flow of pressurized concrete and then to use trowels to knead the surface into the final product. It's an amazing sight, which is usually followed by another amazing sight: water flowing into the swimming pool! In most cases, they will start the water immediately after they finish the plastering process.

Pool with Screen Enclosure in Oviedo FL

The screen enclosure offers multiple benefits for our customers and their pools. These benefits include added shade, keeping pests out and pets in and keeping your pool clean.

The added shade reduces the solar exposure. Excessive sun exposure not only affects our skin but it can also increase the rate at which chlorine and the ingredient it contains degrades. The screen enclosure will not only help to protect your skin but it will help to keep balance in your pool.

Screen enclosures are well known for keeping pests out. That means no mosquitoes, beetles, frogs, spiders, snakes or even alligators. On the other hand they are great at keeping your pets in while giving them a taste of fresh air.

Lastly, a screen enclosure helps keep your pool clean as it prevents leaves and debris from entering your pool. This helps control contamination to the water and makes it much easier to clean.

Screen enclosures are built to code to withstand hurricane force winds. The posts that surround the screen are anchored into the ground in a concrete footer and sometimes with the added use of anchor cables, making it a strong and long lasting structure.

Pool Construction in Dr Phillips FL

During the rough decking stage, an experienced craftsperson performs important foundation steps for the deck area. He sets the pitch of the deck area, builds any riser steps, installs the deck drain and pours the concrete.

Pool Electrician in Lake Nona FL

Most of us don't think about electricity when we think about swimming pools, but the electrician is the unsung hero. Many of the amazing, beautiful, and relaxing features of your pool and spa require power. The electrician connects everything we have installed to the power source, making it all work beautifully.

Custom Pool Installation in Sanford FL

Laying the tile requires detail orientation, skill and focus. The tile setter is a craftsperson as well as an artist. To add beauty, he installs the tile that you chose to the location in the pool design. Tiles often decorate the perimeter, steps, swimout and sunbench of your pool. Tile is one of the details of a pool that often catches the eye and imagination.

Pool Electrician in Orlando FL

Plumbing is an important part of installing a pool and can get complicated depending on the features you have chosen. The plumber will put in the circulating system, main drain and skimmer. In addition, he will install other features based on your pool design, for example a pool sweep line that draws water from the pool and brings it to the filtering system. He will also begin plumbing in the returns, therapy jets, deck jets, sheer descent, or any other water features that return the water to the pool after filtration.

Swimming Pool Construction in Melbourne FL

When the gunite has set, we remove the wood framing. We begin to set the grade for the deck area, and you can start to imagine your favorite place to sit poolside.

Pool contractor spaying Gunite for new swimming pool in Orlando

Gather the family or the neighborhood kids to watch the hole in your backyard become the shell of your new swimming pool. Gunite is a type of concrete that we use to create the shell. Experienced craftspeople use considerable strength to lift the hose filled with pressurized concrete and guide it to the place where the concrete needs to be. It is amazing to watch the craftspeople sculpt the concrete into the shape of your pool, spa, steps, swimout, sunshelf and any other features you have chosen.

Cusotm Pool Construction in Indian Atlantic FL

Adding the steel is an important part of the structural integrity of your pool. You might find it interesting to see the workmanship and techniques used to bend the steel into the shape of your new swimming pool.

Luxury Pools and Spas in Orlando FL

Central Florida’s Choice For Luxury Pool Designs

Your backyard should be a place of relaxation and peace. A custom luxury pool and spa is the perfect addition to a resort-style backyard. Atlas Pools of Central Florida designs and builds luxury custom pools and spas in Orlando, FL and the surrounding areas. A luxury pool brings your dreams of specifications and high-end materials to life. We’ll include feature options that make your swimming pool an oasis. Since 1978, our company has helped thousands of people design and construct luxury custom pools. From pre-planning and custom tile work to water features and lighting, we do it all. Contact Atlas Pools today to schedule your estimate.

Wide Range of Custom Luxury Pool Options

At Atlas Pools, luxury pool designs start with your dream of the perfect pool. We’ll bring this dream to life with unique features like negative edges, fire pits, custom rockwork, deck jets, waterfalls, rain arcs, LED lighting, and more. You can control special features through automation systems to boost luxury to another level. Your custom luxury pool is designed with our top-of-the-line aquatic features with 3D CAD design technology. You can choose between hundreds of tile samples, helping you reach your dreams of a backyard oasis.

Benefits Of Adding Luxury Pool Additions

Luxury pool additions like water features add value and beauty to your swimming pool and spa. A cascading waterfall or pedestal fountain makes your swimming pool seem more like a resort than your backyard pool. Besides being aesthetically pleasing, luxury additional often adds a lovely audio backdrop.

Luxury Pool Deck Options

One of the things that makes a pool luxurious is the addition of sophisticated pool decking options, including:

  • Travertine – Travertine is porous and cool to the touch, making it a perfect selection to absorb water. The elegant look is offered in various shades.
  • Flagstone – Offered in natural earth-toned textures, flagstone is slip and heat resistant. It’s perfect for a rustic, gorgeous look.
  • Marble – Marble gives your decking a three-dimensional look. It reflects the water with a classy, sleek build.
  • Limestone – Limestone is earthy and durable. Its vibrant colors never fade in the sun, and it provides a silky textured look.


Architecture Of Luxury Water Features

Architecture plays a significant role in luxury water features for your backyard pool and spa. Adding multi-colored hydrostreams, swim-up bars, and waterfalls are just the beginning of options for your luxury water features. Our unbeatable selection of aquatic features brings your luxury pool designs to the next level. We offer Intelli-brite landscape lighting, therapy jets, fire bowls, and more. We understand the smallest details make a big difference.

Why Choose Atlas Pools For A Luxury Pool?

We are proud to be the largest pool service and repair company in Central Florida. We want to help bring your dreams of a luxury pool to life. From the beginning design to installation, we’re here for you every step of the way. You should step into your backyard into an oasis of luxury and beauty. We’ll help you bring your dreams of a luxury pool to life. Contact us today for a personalized estimate.

Swimming pools with built in spas in Orlando FL

Custom Pools With Built In Spas in Orlando and Central Florida 

Create A Backyard Oasis With A Pool And Spa Combination

After a dip in the pool, it's nice to transition into a built-in, warm spa. If you're thinking about adding a swimming pool and spa combination, we've got you covered. At Atlas Pools of Central Florida, Inc., we offer custom pool designs with a built-in spa. You'll have the look of your swimming pool with a relaxing spa feel. For more than 40 years, our family-owned company has created and installed thousands of custom-designed pools and spas. We utilize premier technology and features to bring the pool of your dreams to life. Contact us today for your personalized estimate.

Benefits Of A Pool and Spa Combination

There are many benefits to a swimming pool with a hot tub combination. An inground spa is a perfect addition to a pool for multiple reasons, including:

  • Relieves muscle pains
  • Provides a relaxing location
  • Confines children to a smaller area
  • Provides a place to socialize
  • Extends your pool's functionality

Choosing The Type of Inground Pool With Hot Tub

An inground spa uses your existing water circulation system for a perfect combination of pool and spa. A spillover spa creates a soothing effect, sitting adjacent to your pool. The spa and pool water still mix, but you only need one pump for both. A naturalistic spa blends in with your landscaping and has many rocks, water features, and natural architectural additions. We can design and build almost any type of custom pool and spa combination. We'll help you choose the best designs that fit your lifestyle.

Available Options For Spa Pool Combo

We have many available options for your swimming pool and spa combination. We make your spa and pool fit seamlessly with additions, from massage jets and LED lighting to fountains and a bubbling system. Water features add class and luxury to your gorgeous pool and spa combo. The best thing about a spa and pool combination is that the options are endless. If you can dream it, we can bring it to life.

Why Choose Atlas Pools?

We've created custom hot tubs and pool combinations for decades. Our team of designers works with you to ensure your dreams of a pool and spa combo are met. We use our PoolStudio's 3D CAD Drawing program to design a custom spa and pool combination that meets your every need. You can choose from over 190 different pool layouts and 125 tile samples. From the first drawing to installation, we're here for you every step of the way.

Contact Atlas Pools Today

Atlas Pools of Central Florida, Inc. is the largest pool service and repair company in Central Florida. We live and breathe pools, so you always know you're getting the best customer service in the area. We'll help you design a custom pool and spa combination that perfectly fits your backyard and brings your vision to life. Your backyard can be an oasis with a pool and jacuzzi combination. Whether you want a minimal look or a luxurious style, we'll build your dream pool and hot tub combination. We invite you to contact us today for your personalized estimate.

Modern pools and spas in Orlando FL

Custom Modern Pools in Orlando and Central Florida

Sleek and Stunning Modern Pool Designs

When you want a personal relaxing retreat in your own backyard with clean lines and smooth aesthetics, a modern pool is the perfect choice. Modern style pools have a stunning design with a sleek, customized feel. Custom modern pools from Atlas Pools of Central Florida, Inc. are an excellent addition for a fun, beautiful place to take a dip. For over 40 years, our family-owned and operated company has designed and built breathtaking swimming pools and hot tubs. Contact us today to learn more about our custom modern pools or to schedule your personalized estimate.

What Is A Modern Pool?

Geometric shapes and clean lines often characterize modern pools. Many times people love to add mosaic tile flooring, sleek stone-like designs, and all-white concrete pillars. Modern pools don't have to mean adding high-tech innovations or high-end materials. They're more about designing a pool with a seamless, timeless look. Whether you're going for a minimal modern look or want all the latest and greatest technological innovations, we can help you design and build the perfect customized modern pool.

Modern Pool Designs

Some of the most popular modern pool designs include:

  • Smart Connectivity – We can design your custom modern pool with smart connections to monitor the water temperature, control lighting, and get alerts about malfunctions. Some people like to add the technological advances of a camera view or alerts to know if something falls into the pool.
  • Shape – Rectangular pools are the most common types of modern pool designs. If you want a more contemporary look, many people choose a flowing curved shape.
  • Different Tiles – Modern pools don't always have the blue nylon finish. They're made with patterned tiles, stone-look finishes, and murals.
  • Minimal Look – A simple minimalist style is all about limiting décor and going with smooth surfaces and subtle designs. A modern pool with a minimal look strays from rock grottos and statues and sticks with ambient lighting and minimal decorations.
  • Sun Shelves – Sun shelves are shallow pool decks that let you relax in the water while sunbathing. They're perfect for a shallow place to enjoy life then dive into the water.

Custom Modern Pool Design

Atlas Pools has an experienced team of designers that will work tirelessly to create a modern pool design especially for you. Whether you want a modern pool with jacuzzi or a specific modern pool design, we'll work with you to ensure your dreams come true. Our PoolStudio's 3D CAD Drawing program ensures our modern pool design is precisely fit for your needs. We have more than 190 different pool layouts and 125 tile samples. No matter the modern design you have in mind, we can bring it to life.

Contact Atlas Pools For Your Modern Pool

Modern pools provide a timeless design with sleek lines and beautiful aesthetics. Less is more when it comes to a modern pool design. We offer everything you need to customize the perfect modern pool, including spas, LED lighting, handrails, outdoor kitchens, and water features. When you want a modern pool for your home or business, reach out to Atlas Pools of Central Florida, Inc professionals!

Enclosed pools and spas in Orlando FL

Pool Enclosure Team of Orlando and Central Florida

Over 40 Years of Pool Experience

Since 1978, Atlas Pools of Central Florida Inc. has helped residents all over the area by installing pool enclosures. We have plenty of different options available, and given our over 40 years of experience, we have installed them all. No matter your aesthetic or choice of material, our experts get the job done. We can help with the design aspect as well as the installation, maintenance, and repairs of your new pool enclosure. If you are unsure if you need or want one, please do not hesitate to call Atlas Pools of Central Florida Inc. today and discuss the potential benefits we can provide to enhance the experience of sitting by your pool throughout the year. We would be happy to get you a quote so you can see all the costs associated with installation. You can also rely on us for financing options to help your budget.

Benefits of Adding a Pool Enclosure

Have you noticed the number of bugs flying around your pool when trying to relax? Would you like a better way to enjoy your time in the sun? A pool enclosure from Atlas Pools of Central Florida Inc. is the perfect addition to any pool to keep the bugs at bay, plus they add so many more benefits. We completely customize these new features to perfectly fit your pool area and create a more enjoyable experience all around for you and your guests. Below are all of the benefits you see after hiring Atlas Pools of Central Florida Inc. to install a brand-new pool enclosure:

Keep Pests Away: As mentioned, we can help keep out bugs such as mosquitoes, beetles, and spiders, but you can bet the snakes, lizards, and frogs will also be held at bay while you take a dip in your pool. These bothersome pests can get caught in the pool and hurt and could also clog up your filters. By keeping them out, you can have a cleaner and less bothersome time enjoying the sun and water. Atlas Pools of Central Florida Inc. can also protect your space, family, and friends from alligators getting into your water.

Cleaner Atmosphere: Since we live in Orlando and Central Florida, we can pretty much use our swimming pools and hot tubs all year round. Having a protective pool enclosure prevents debris such as leaves in the fall from getting into your water and clogging vacuums and filters. We can also keep out items that may get blown around by heavy wind and rainstorms. This also means it will be easier to maintain your chemical levels since foreign objects can’t get in.

Increases Property Value: Many potential homebuyers in Orlando and Central Florida want a pool. Make the deal even sweeter by having a pool enclosure already built for them to enjoy. Our team makes sure your enclosure looks its best by providing maintenance and care over the years as well.

Sunlight Protection: Provide even more comfortable while swimming by choosing a material that helps dampen the sunlight. Sunburns are just as dangerous as they are uncomfortable. Prevent both by selecting the suitable material with our designers when deciding on your pool enclosure.

Easy Maintenance: Keeping out debris and pests are one of the main benefits, but reducing the amount of algae growth is also a key benefit to having a pool enclosure installed. While we cannot prevent it from altogether happening, the enclosure works hard to lessen the chance of growth you have to clean. Plus, your pool will look more welcoming.

Energy Cost Reduction: Evaporation is an issue every pool owner is well aware of to keep them filled. Atlas Pools of Central Florida Inc can help reduce the amount of water lost with a pool enclosure. Even during the hottest part of summer, you will notice your water bill maintains its cost since you will not need to keep refilling. This addition can also control the temperature of your water more balanced to prevent overspending on heating and cooling bills.

Building Materials Used For Pool Enclosures

No matter the current aesthetic of your pool area or the new ideas you have for the space, Atlas Pools of Central Florida Inc. can provide the proper pool enclosure materials to match with ease. Screening material is a great way to tame the wind, keep out pests, and keep in your pets. We can also customize to meet any and all needs you have for the space’s aesthetics. Generally, we construct them using screens, large glass panels, or polycarbonate with metal beams encasing these materials. We can also work with wood if that better suits your needs. Check out all of our previous pool enclosure installations here.

Reach Out to Atlas Pools For More Info

Our team has worked with residents for years to build the perfect outdoor experience by their pool. Atlas Pools of Central Florida Inc. is the best option in all of Orlando and Central Florida when designing and constructing pool enclosures. We have the knowledge, experience, and tools to get the job done correctly and beautifully swiftly. Create a truly unique experience in the backyard by trusting our technicians. We can also help with a plethora of other pool services like maintenance, repairs, and replacements. Give us a call today to get the process started!

Swimming Pool Digging in Winter Garden FL

This excavation is an exciting time for the kids as well as the adults. Everyone loves big machinery, and you will be able to watch your backyard take the shape of your new swimming pool right before your eyes. Our craftspeople make it look easy, but it takes a lot of time and experience along with a lot of hard work to gain the knowledge and ability to do what they do.

Custom Pool Construction in Maitland FL

After you have experienced our custom pool design services and you and our in-house designer have planned the perfect Atlas pool for you, it's time to get started. We place wood framing that shows the size, shape and location of your pool. The wood framing provides a guide for the excavation crew. Once the pool has been excavated, the framing helps secure the reinforcing steel for the shell and helps set the final elevation of your swimming pool.

Process of Building a Pool in St. Cloud FL

Building a swimming pool is different than any other form of construction. It is an art form that starts with your dream and then takes shape when you work with our in-house designer. Atlas Pools then sculpts a usable work of art out of concrete.

Seeing the steps to build your new swimming pool will help you understand how pool contractors work and also appreciate the need for a quality-minded pool company that is family owned and operated and has been building swimming pools in Central Florida for over 28 years. Our experienced craftspeople take pride in their work, have the expertise to do it well and stand fully behind it. Atlas Pools is the place to create your perfect pool whether you live in Orlando, Kissimmee, Melbourne, or anywhere in Central Florida.

There are many phases in the construction of your new swimming pool. We hope this brief description of each stage of construction will help you understand the process, what is happening now and what you can expect to happen next.

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